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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More colors and more stitching

Now that I had done the Monochromatic,Analogous,Achromatic and Complementary color schemes ,it was time to move on to more complicated ones.

The task was to use three to four colors in a pattern. Given a simple color scheme,for instance monochromatic which says many shades of one color-the selection is easy; pick a color,say blue and get a few shades of it..ta,da...

But here, I had to learn names like split complementary, triad and tetrad ,find out what these are from the color wheel and then use them . So the first thing I did was to update color wheel.

The green triangle shows the triad - three colors, which means you can get three color combo by drawing triangles on the color wheel. These combinations will have more contrast and ofcourse, more adventurous!! For four colors, draw a rectangle and you get a tetrad.

I tried to think of a pattern which will actually show me the effect of combining contrasting colors and this is what I came up with.

Green is not part of the combo,I just added it as an after thought. I wanted to use all the colors in one flower itself ,rather than as leaves or as additional deco so as to see the effect of each combination.

Triad,tetrad and split complementary.

Split Complementary means, pick a color on the color wheel, go to its complement on the exact opposite and then take the two colors on either side of that. Here,I have taken Yellow,then went to violet and selected red violet and blue violet.

Initially while stitching I was feeling yuck,yuck.. as I tried to combine the colors.The contrast was too much for me. But towards the end, as I balanced the flowers with those greens I was at peace :)

In case you are keen on taking up this course you can join the yahoo group Stitch Map,where it is periodically run for free . But remember ,free doesn't mean you can get the material and work on it as and when you please- there are mentors there who keep track of whether you've done your assignments or not. I am off to finish my next set of exercises..ta,ta

Love,luck and sunshine,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Embroidered fabric from spider silk

Creating fabric from spider's silk - intriguing,isn't it?

(image courtesy V&A Museum)

The technique goes back to about 300 years. A special tool is used to collect silk from female Golden orb spiders and the fabric of bright yellow is woven from it. In case you're wondering if the spiders are killed during the process- no,they are returned to the wild after extracting silk.

This cape is currently on display in Victoria and Albert Museum in London . Admission is free. In case you're somewhere around you could pay a visit.

For those like me who can only watch from afar,there is a lovely video showcasing the creation of this cape which took about 7 years of making and silk from 1.2 million spiders .The fabric is in itself beautiful,but the embroidery - ooh,la,la...
The artistry of the people of Madagascar deserves a salute .
Golden Spider Silk Cape / Exhibitions & Galleries / Happenings / V&A Channel


Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What color combo would you choose?

Would you go for

Complementary - colors on the exact opposite in the color wheel.
This looks to be me :)

Monochromatic- colors of the same shade.

Analogous - colors close to each other on the color wheel.

Or Achromatic - No colors -just black,white and grey .

Here are all the four combos together.Each looks good in its own way. Next time I stitch,I think I'll experiment a lot more with colors. How about you?

Will be back with another set of combinations,
Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning about colors and the first stitches of the year

New year wishes to all of you!! A little late, but better late than never!!

As the year began, I got an opportunity to learn about color theory through a free online course run at StitchMap.Color selection has always been a weak point of mine.Solid colors are fine,complementary colors are also fine,but ask me to differentiate between the minute shade differences of a color- I am gone!!

Well,anyway, the first half of January had me rummaging through the pages of magazines,pamphlets and brochures looking out for different colors .I made a color wheel with those...

Click on the pic for a better view.Primary colors are shown in heart shape,secondary in diamonds and tertiary in rectangles.Did you notice the warm and cool colors separated by the dashed line? Yellow to red-violet on the right side are warm. By warm, we mean colors that strike you instantly.Violet to Yellow-Green on the left are cool colors.

Once the initial paper cutting work was done with, we had to demonstrate the color combos.

I used Petal stitch for those big flowers,filled up with stem stitch and french knots in the center.The small flowers are done with blanket stitch and fly stitch .Those were inspired by TAST. But here the stitches are not important;we're talking about colors,aren't we? Let me tell you the categories.There are three combos here-warm,cool and mixed.

The red petal flower is warm,the purple and yellow petal flower is mixed and the purple petal flower is cool. Though I like all the combos, I think my color values are warm and mixed . I'll never go for that purple, blue,green combo unless Iam forced,like in this case :)

What about you? Have you given a thought about your color values?

A few more exercises are to be completed; once that is done, I'll show you another set of color combinations.
Till then,

Love,luck and sunshine,