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Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Onam to all Keralites

We celebrated Onam today .

This is what wikipedia has to say about Onam ( and me too .. LoL )

"Onam is an annual harvest festival, celebrated mainly in the south Indian state of Kerala.
It is a popular festival among the cultural repertoire of
Malayalees, and falls during the month of Chingam (August-September as per the Gregorian-calendar), the first month of the Malayalam Calendar and lasts for ten days.

During Onam, people create a multi-coloured floral decoration on the ground in the front of their home called pookkalam. Young children especially girls are often entrusted with the task of gathering and laying out the flowers in elaborate patterns

Though,being in a city like Bangalore,away from our home state of Kerala,we managed to celebrate Onam in our own special way.Here are a couple of pics of some of the floral decorations (Pookkalam)we made.Infact there should be ten photos,but blogger is troublesome when it comes to uploading pictures. So I've to think twice before uploading any.

The top one is today's .It should be grander than this,but for that one needs more members at home to help especially children.By the way,this one lasted only for a couple of hours.My daughter managed to redo it in her own way after some time.The second pic was the one we did a few days back.

If you are interested you can read about the Onam and the stories associated with it at

Friday, August 17, 2007

Free pattern from Godey's Lady's books

Here's a set of monograms from Godey's Lady's books .Click on the image to download and save.

This is from Project Gutenberg ebook

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Painting on Window Pane-Part 2

Last day,I painted the lower half of our sealed window in the living room.After painting the top half ,I'd been putting this off for some time.My friends started asking if I had completed it.So I just decided to finish it off.The paint spots on the other side are still visible inspite of my 'artistic' attempts to hide it.Atleast,people would look at the painting first and then the blemishes :-) Wish the painters had been a little more careful.

The second pic is that of the whole window. After the novelty wears off maybe I'll erase this and just put a curtain there.Is there some other way to make this look good? Your suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Celebrating 60 years of Indian Independence

DAY !!!

(Mother,I salute thee)

Needlework patterns in Sartain's Union Magazine-1852

Here's another find.This one is called Sartain's Union Magazine For Literature and Art,published in 1852 .It has been digitized by google and has a section for Fashion and Needlework.The book itself has around 500+ pages.If you are interested in needlework alone,just type 'needlework' in the 'Search in this book' box and click Go.The list will be displayed below.

Here are the links to a couple of interesting crochet patterns


Lamp Mat

There's plenty of prose and poetry for literature enthusiasts too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Godey's Lady's Books

Here's something for embroidery lovers!

Doesn't it look lovely? I found it at this site

There are series of Godey's Lady Books,which was one of the most popular lady's books of 19th century.Click each edition and you can see the table of contents.The above pattern is from February 1850 edition.You can view larger size here .Sadly,this is the only embroidery pattern I could find.There are plenty of other things though.

For those who love poetry,there is plenty to read.Here's one of the poems from April 1850 edition.


OH, give to me a chosen friend;
With whom I may compare
And mingle all my inmost thoughts,
And every pleasure share.

Sometimes, I'd steal away alone
To feast on Learning's page;
Then, Time may fly, I heed him not,
But wish each hour an age.

Yet, give me one true, faithful friend,
Who cares not for my gold,
But loves me with confiding heart,
And is nor bought, nor sold.

I then can go where duty calls;
Can minister to those
On whom Affliction's heavy hand
Hath dealt severest blows.

Or, I can smile and sing with joy,
Where faces all are bright,
And Pleasure sits in regal power,
Dispensing sweet delight.

Then is long life, with one true friend,
A something which I crave;
And thus on earth I'd journey on
With joy, unto the grave.


All work and no play :((

Have been really busy of late.Most of my free time is being used up for technical writing .Professionally,it seems to be alright but personally I feel guilty since Iam not able to devote all my time to my li'l one.Poor girl tries to catch my attention and brings over all her toys and scribbled papers and I just try to send her away.Finally,she stops coming.And then, I start feeling sick.The question lurks at the back of my I a bad mother??? Guess this is the case with all the working mothers.
But,now my hubby has given me a solution ...Time Management!!! He says,instead of spending all the free time on one job ,you set aside a fixed no. of hours for the same.And also promise yourself that whatever it may ,you wouldn't be on that job beyond that .The rest of the hours is for your daughter,your husband and for other little things.
The solution looks promising,but what about the DEADLINE??? :(( Still,Iam going to give it try.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cast On Flowers

This week again I've managed to kill two birds with a stone!!! Cast on stitch was the TAST stitch of the week and that led to my completing the third basket in BE project.It's called Cast On flowers.The flowers have 5 petals each with 20-25 cast ons.The center is filled with french knots.The buds have two petals and are tacked down with couching.The calyx of the buds is a 15 wrap bullion.Here's the pic. back to my technical writing.

An update

Last few days were pretty busy.We had a get together at our home on Sunday with all our friends whom we had known for the past 10 years.And this coincided with the Friendship day.We even named it as G2G-celebrating 10 years of togetherness!!!
G2G stands for Get "to"Gether.Doesn't it sound cool??? :))
Now,cooking for 15 people was something I had not attempted before.So,the week before that was spent on preparing myself for what I considered an enormous task.On the D-day,instead of preparing very large quantity of 1 or 2 items,I cooked 5 or 6 items in reasonably large quantities.Each family brought in 1 item to supplement the available dishes.To some extent,yes,it was a Potluck,but a partial one.
What fun we had,reminiscing our college days and the dozing of during lectures,gossiping about..hmmm..various topics,and finally the photo session with everyone trying to fit into one single photo.By evening,some were already planning for the next G2G.

G2G done with,I've another deadline looming over my head.This time my situation is precarious.I've been given just ten days to finish a manual!!! Iam sitting and brooding over it now.Wish I had a magic wand which I could just wave and produce whichever document I need..aha!!!